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So just played in the Fabeled Burning Mort where you play Tecmo Super Bowl but they have weird rules, see crazy vid below


Some of the rules they played with were:

- Playing with Controller Upside Down

- Slappies - Once per quarter you can slap the controller out of the other persons hands

- Playing in the reflection of a mirror

- Only can Kick, so Punt, Kick Off and Field Goals only

Wondering how to apply it the the NHL 16 Bit Relm and looking for ideas

Thinking most of these would have to be played on Auto goalie

No C'sies - You can't hit c the whole game (probably tape button down)  Can only score with pass shots and poke check and hold.  

No B'sies - No passing or switching guys.  Biggest drawback would be when goalie gets it play would be whistled dead

Only can score with "X" - onetimers, defenders, perhaps just Tie Domi etc.




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Love you Segathon, but I hate most of these ideas!:o

I could do one-timers only thats about it.  Jer actually recommended this one time.

Or I also like the idea of scrubs only.

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That video was great. Mort reminds me of Fenty in some ways. Pretty awesome to see the fellas out enjoying the game in the outdoors. The90jacket has an outdoor battle of goldeneye with a bunch of people out in the wilderness. Look fun all around.

As for the rules, I'm kinda with coach on this one. Not sure I'd enjoy any of those suggestions bud. And you know I hold you in the highest regard, and then put another highest regard on top of that.

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Maybe I phrased this wrong.  Probably should call it an Experience like Buring Mort did rather than Tourney. 

It's a tourny but for fun, rather than pure compettion.  Each rule only lasts for one round and then a new rule is assigned for next round.

What's great about it is everyone has a chance to win with weird rules.  

When you play a certian game for so many years with the same group, you can mostly write in before hand where the people will finish in standings.   The bottom half of guys lose interest when their life time record is like 10-79.  This kind of tourny gives Stella her groove back...


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