Old EA NHL Games on PC (2002 and older)

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11 hours ago, Chillivend said:

About the NHL 2K games, you talking about stuff like NHL 2K and 2K2 on Dreamcast? Was any of that your work? :)

I started on ESPN NHL Hockey (the first one to include historic teams), so it was after the Dreamcast era. 

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Hello...i am back again...this time to offer you my entire collection for custom teams for NHL 2002...please follow instructions in my previous post for using these jerseys as 'Custom Teams' inside NHL 2002...these jerseys have been made for the last 12 years more or less...so this collection is massive ...DO NOT LOAD this entire file in the game as the overload will make the game crash...pick about 30-40 teams max and remove and use at will...I am happy to finally share this collection....one note:  I made quite a few jerseys but a lot have been adapted from various files in the internet .  Just thought I let you know.  Hope you will enjoy.  Any Questions? feel free to write to me.  Cheers

link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/15K3t24nk3rOCrRQwy-GOylI3L_pyE_2S/view?usp=sharing


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Hello Garblog, I would have appreciate more details on your issue but will give you some info on how to run it for windows 7 as much as I know and can.  NHL 2002 might not work on newer windows version unless you use the following adapter 'nglide.

I am sending you the link where you can download this wrapper.


Then here's the list of the compatibility for nglide.  You will see instructions for 'NHL 2002' and follow them.


if all fails, please follow the instructions on this page.  Really easy straightforward info on how to run nhl 2002 on newer versions.


if it is still a no-go, please tell us in details what happens when you try to install it.  Warning you I am not very technically inclined to solve entirely the problem but enough to help you troubleshoot for nhl 2002.

Good luck with these instructions and keep us posted.





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On 1/22/2018 at 3:46 PM, mitch13 said:

Here is the link to some elementary addons for NHL 2002.



Hurry up, the link will be dead in 7 days.

The roster (nhl2k) is NHL and national teams during OG 2002 in Salt Lake. Gfxpak is needed in your main NHL 02 folder to run the bat files and the different photos etc you want to install.

And of course, as expected, I clicked on it too late.

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