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Elitserien 17ish (details inside)

lance uppercut

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This is kind of a strange one, but I like it.

I enjoy season mode, I enjoy smaller leagues (rivalries seem better). I'm a bit of a prospect nut, and I fondly remember the Whalers, Nordiques, and the North Stars.

When I found this 12 team rom, I decided to make a sort of version of the pre-camp prospect tournaments they hold (like the youngstars in penticton, or traverse city).

The rosters are basically under 25 versions of the teams i included.  It's a mix of good established young NHLers and the best CHL, NCAA, and European prospects.  As an example, here is the Canucks lineup.

Goldobin - Horvat - Boeser

Dahlen - Petterson - Virtanen

Gadjovich - Gaudette - Lind

Tryamkin - Stecher

Juolevi - Chatfield

Brisebois - Subban



I included all 7 Canadian teams.

Colorado is the Nordiques.  Carolina is the Whalers.  Minnesota is there, but they're the North Stars.  Also, Buffalo and Detroit.

Here's the weird part.  I'm no good at editing graphics.  So, when you get into the gameplay, it's all good in terms of jerseys and such.  But the banners and logos are still all SHL teams.  So here's a legend to the teams.

Rogle is Vancouver

Djugarden is Edmonton

Farjestad is Calgary

Malmo is Winnipeg

Vasteras is Minnesota

Modo is Detroit

HV71 is Buffalo

Lulea is Toronto

AIK is Ottawa

Leksand is Montreal

Brynas is Quebec

Frolunda is Hartford

I don't know how to edit team overalls either, so I just tried to line up the teams which seem like they'd be the best with the best rated teams in the game.  It seems to sim well from what I've seen.  Top scorers are usually McDavid, Eichel, Matthews, Laine, Larkin, and such.

I tried for hours to edit the graphics, because it would make this rom so much more awesome.  I watched the videos on this site, but no dice.  If anyone has the skill and the inclination to do them, I'd be very grateful.  If you enjoy this rom, that's sweet too.  It's also a good chance to brush up on Swedish.  Now I know what period slut means.

If anyone thinks any of the lineups or player ratings should be different, I'd be glad to hear about it.




Elitserien 17.md.bin

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