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I was thinking about using the NOSE editor, and have it so that the 10 best players and 2 best goalies on each team can make the cut. Then, there will be a fantasy draft once I can get the ratings up. I'm debating on whether doing a 16-team or 26-team Sim League. Both would be 12 rounds (10 F/D, 2 G), but the 16-team league would leave 120 FA (No Salary Cap and each team can claim up to 7 players (1 on a 5 season deal, 2 on a 3 season deal, and 4 on a 1 season deal, players cannot be resigned unless they hit the free agent market, but if another team tries to sign that player, a draw will happen. First come, first serve). I would have to make up the schedule (thinking about doing a 32 G season, 4 games/week). Then comes playoffs, if it's a 16 team league, 12 would make the playoffs. Top 4 get a free pass in the tournament to a later round (TBA). In a 26-team league, 16 will make it in. After that season comes a 7 round draft, where all teams participate in a lottery drawing to decide 1-16 or 1-26. 3 players have star potential, 10 have top 6 potential, 50 have bottom 6 potential, and the rest have  minor league potential. However, as I record player and team standings, I would change ratings every week. For all I know that minor league potential or bottom 6 potential player can produce very well, knowing it's video games. I will let you guys know if this idea does in fact happen.

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