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The "unofficial" official beer swap thread for A Fleury of Goals tournament

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Hi Buds,

The venue where the Edge VR Arcade is located is not a beercade, and thus they cannot directly serve us adult beverages.  Also, when their specialized equipment costs many thousands of dollars, the idea of open container liquids doesn't really fly.

 The good news is with the exception of the stream setup, the consoles will be setup in the adjacent suite, and we can bring all the beverages we want.  We are asked to use proper judgement with how much is consumed and to keep them within that area.  Anyone falling over, using abusive language, puking as the result of too much booze during the tournament is going to have a bad time.  This event is marketed as family friendly.  Enjoy your booze, just know your limits and stick to them.  And for Lord Stanley's sake, don't get pissed up and drive a Zamboni around town.  That's what Uber is for.

That being said, we will have next level refrigeration technology to keep our adult beverages nice and cool.  If we have too much of it, there is always outside.  In Green Bay, it's about 20 degrees average in February.  Mother nature strikes again!

I suggest we arrange to bring regional beers with us and do some swapping at the event.  If you come with Miller Lite, Bud Lite, or Coors Lite for the swap, you will be immediately sent past the sin bin into a game misconduct.  You could drink that swill yourself, but why?

Also, there are plenty of fantastic food options in walking distance from the tournament venue, including a sports bar.  We literally share a parking lot with an authentic Mexican restaurant, can slapshot a puck against a McDonald's, and we have some ordering leverage with places like Toppers for a big order.

In short, we have you covered.

Let us know what you'd be willing to bring for booze.  A six or twelve pack of long necks would be just fine.



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Currently in discussions with Moe Man on brewing a special King of 94 - WI beer and having available on tap.  The man has a gift.

On 10/20/2017 at 4:13 PM, kingraph said:

This is too much for me to think about.  I'll likely pick up a 12 pack of whatever I can find there, but I'm not flying around with a case of beer.  Good NY beer = Ommegang btw.  

If you fly into CHI, there might be something that away that isn't available up here.

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On 10/24/2017 at 2:48 PM, King of 94' WI said:

It's totally legit.  We have many generations of migrants that have made their way to our area, and the food is fantastic.

Eating Tex-mex in Chicago, still one of the great mistakes thus far in life.

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On 10/25/2017 at 6:54 PM, corbettkb said:

Eating Tex-mex in Chicago, still one of the great mistakes thus far in life.

If Mexican is still too risky for you, we always have butt blocking amounts of cheese and meat available, pretty much everywhere.  What brews would you bring?

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