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So I previously posted I was going to start Plablegs 2 if we had enough interest.  We never hit the quota I needed at that time so I shelved it but we are good to go now.


I will work on combining the posts later on today. I'll list the guys who are already stated they are in, confirm it through Discord & then take new coaches.

if you are behind in more than one league, struggling to get games in the league(s) you are currently signed up for, I'll probably not let you in.

Im assuming the talent pool will be void of some of the previous elite A's, but we will enjoy our time regardless.


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Here are the names of guys expressing in:

#1 Brutus *no team selected yet*
#2 Lupz New York Rangers
#3 Skip Quebec Nordiques
#4 Tex Dallas Stars
#5 Dicion Chicago Blackhawks
#6 Labs Pittsburgh Penquins
#7 Chef Philadelphia Flyers
#8 J&J Tampa Bay Lightning
#9 Jer *no team selected yet*
#10 Aqua *no team selected yet*
#11 Atomic *no team selected yet*
#12 Quetzalcoatlus Edmonton Oilers
#13 Flatcrusher Winnipeg Jets
#14 Coach *no team selected yet*
#15 Kevin San Jose Sharks

IF you are OUT now, or want IN now, post below.

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And hoping this happens soon, cuz I need some lg games for December!!

Team does not matter to me, but prefer uniforms that stand out (like the yellow LA Kings in PRL)!  But not really a big deal to me...

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ANYONE who is new looking to join, feel free.

A few requirements.

#1 Minus Coach, who does NOT have a cell phone, I require you give up your cell to me. Mandatory.  No one in my leagues hasn't done so. I don't share them, but I do text during drafts if you aren't responding or go slacking.  It's saved numerous drafts and I'm not a spammer, but it does work.  I also figure out when guys are awake/asleep, so I don't text Chef & the morning crew late at night, and don't bother the night owls at 8 am.

#2 Drafts run all day/night.  There is no waiting 2 days to make a pick.  No holding things up.

#3 Guys offer trades, and you need to be ready to accept/counter/reject them, or state you don't like trading etc.


We generally jam through a draft in my leagues and then have a nice pre-season ROM a few weeks before the real season starts.  It gives guys a chance to make trades and get used to their teams before the real games/stats begin.

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