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2v2 based Idea for side league

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So, I was thinking of setting up a 2v2 style Sunday night type thing, at set times, towards the evening/night. (Sunday seems best but open to other nights as well, maybe Wednesday, etc.) Also, this could run every OTHER Sunday night, to make it easier to get enough guys to commit to a schedule and also not be too time intrusive, as it is ideal as a side setup)


My thought would be each week during the regular weekdays we try to set up pairs for that weekend to have commitments, and have a preset schedule to play with a ROM using different teams with different player ratings, instead of every player as the same rating, to give it long term variety.  I'd imagine we could keep a log for say  10 Sunday nights.   Exi's could be played on other nights, but only on league night would games count for standings.

IE, Lupz & Brutus vs Raph & Coach.  2-3 games, you pre-select your teams ahead of time, and we keep a game log in a Google Doc.  After 2-3 games are done, switch it up.  This prevents say 5th/6th guys from getting iced out of playing too long and prevents the player pool from staying the same 4-5 guys.

The teams on the ROM would not be even, so there would be adjustments each game on play style based on which team you have and who gets to use what player on that team.

Google doc would keep standings for individual coaches records and team records to see which combo has the best success. 

Maybe some sub set of rules like you can't use the same team twice as a pair until you've used all the teams together, but if I've played with Chicago w/ Lupz, I can still use Chicago w/ Coach on my team, etc.


This is something that has NO DNP's, no deadlines and very limited commitment, so it should NOT tie up other leagues. 

Anyone interested, think it's a good idea?  Think it's a bad idea?  Has a better idea for something on the light side?

(Also, my vote would be to make up a cool 2v2 ROM that is WBF w/ Plabax B check edited in and have each team some combo of All Time greats, but I'm open to suggestions/ideas for this.  Again, I also couldn't be more adamant that it's only one night a week, or one night every OTHER week, to make it mean more and also not get in the way of other leagues/make sure guys show up)



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I think this is a great idea!

I would love to know that I could show up at a specific time and play.

That would be the #1 feature for an anti-tech guy for any league.

AND 2v2!

I'll fly to Chicago and cut your grass or shovel your snow if you can guarantee me some Live 2v2.


I do not like the idea of changing players.
Not a deal breaker, but...
I think they should stay all the same (81).
2v2 will never get stale.
I do like the idea of b-checks and have a Slapshot Rom that has it.
I also love the Update as KingRaph made some awesome pictures and has many of the All-time Greats.


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