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Plablegs II Trade & TRADE BLOCK!!!


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Lupz27 trades 2.3 and 4.16 for 2.8, and 4.5 to JMJ.



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DEALZ - Available:

Geoff Courtnall 5/5 skater if you need SPEED!
Gord Murphy 4/5 skater, Glen Wesley-ish clone!
Pierre Turgeon for those in need of a shooter, my favorite player in the game.

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Deals Available 

Grant Fuhr- If your goalie situation is just not good enough for you to compete he is available, after the boost the goalies get he is a 91 overall and has the same agility as Roy and same stick rating as Roy on his glove, and stick hands he uses.

Russ Courtnall- Need Speed look no further, has the elite 6 Speed that is so very rare.

Mark Messier- If you like a beast fat checker with elite playmaking skills 5 Pass, 5 Stick, 5 Agility 5 checking he is your guy.

Valeri Kamensky- Need an elite shooter to put at Center Kamensky is your guy has 5 shot power 3 SA same as Gartner, and with static rom it’s never cold so it’s always dangerous.

Alexi Kasatanov- Extremely underrated heavy weight dman with some serious checking skills especially if your a big time CB checker, or like a guy who when controlled by the CPU AI wrecks havoc checking he is your guy, remember no penalties in this rom check away!

Like Brutus said above Co Captains, Stevens, and Klima are more then confident this group can gel, and be a force, and are the leaders on this team that are not part of some sort of rebuild fire sale (though for the right price both know they are far from safe, but it would need to be blockbuster type s**t to be moved).

PM me on the forums, or hmu on Discord any time, don’t be shy to send any offer.

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Tony Granato on the block!

He is a lightweight, pesky mofo!  And he can be yours!

Speed/Agility 5/4 and Shooting 3/4 he is a pesky speedster.  OA and DA both 4. (I don't know what that means, but Plabax seems to think it implies something so I am sharing it.)

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26 minutes ago, flatcrusher said:

Flat trades Brian Bradley and Ray Bourque to Brutus for Sir-Gay Federov and Dave Manson.

Yes I realize I just put the best shot into Sir Slapper's hands.  I am sorry.

Eh......just knock Gay Ray on his ass.....no problem

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Ignore prevoius posts/comments about Sandstrom trade.

I've unwound it as a result of Coach not being able to play Plablegs II, and will set the team back to their drafted lineup and work on a replacement.

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Anyone looking for one of the few guys in the game with a 5 shot power Valeri Kamensky available.

5 SP 3 SA 4 Stick 4 Pass 4 Speed 4 Agility, and 43 ODA.

1 of only 4 players with 5 SP, and at least 3 SA with 4444 skating stick and pass under the weight of 9.

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Lupz trades Valeri Kamensky to Brutus for Vinny Damphouse.


*confirmed by Brutus

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