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POST YOUR LINEUPS HERE, as your roster fills up.

THERE ARE NO PENALTIES, so sub options not needed.  Only in an injury, and you'll only have one backup.
POST if you know of # doubles and your suggested fix.

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LW  - (14) Geoff Courtnall
C     - (22) Mike Gartner
RW  - (47) Stephan Lebeau
LD   - (28) Gord Murphy    
RD   - ( 5) Nick Lidstrom  
  G   - (35) Bob Essensa
  X   - (25) Joe Nieuwendyk

  D   - (37) Eric Desjardins  (*# Changed from #28)
  D   - ( 2) Curt Giles

(UPDATED 12/29 @ 12:42PM ET)

Edited by corbettkb
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New York Rangers

LW Messier #11

C Klima #85

RW R Courtnall #26

LD Kasatanov #7

RD Stevens #4

X Kamensky #31

G Fuhr #31

Line 2

LW R Courtnall#26

C R Courtnall #26

RW Kamensky #31

LD Lumme #21

RD Lumme #21

X Klima #85


Thanks @CoachMac for taking the effort on the rom!

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LW- Makarov

C- Sakic

RW - Zhamnov

LD - Konstantinov

RD - Kasparitis

G - Belfour

X - Thomas

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