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Alright, so here's an interesting idea I have. I believe we can have an annual nationwide tourney, similar to King of 94', but with a larger pool of players. We might be able to attract more fans to the site and the game too!

4 Regions:

East Coast



West Coast


Each region would have a 64 Player Bracket spanning a few weeks, with each match-up being the knockout format. Once it slims down to the final 4 in each tourney, that's when things begin to shake up. At that point, players would be seeded on 1-16 in the "Final 16" bracket, this could be done with a randomly generated bracket OR we can keep track of certain statistics (GF, GA, Margin) to decide seed placement. I'm thinking that players can pick another player to match up against OR we can do it the traditional way (1 v. 16, 2 v. 15, 3 v. 14, etc.).  After that's all set-up, then comes the actual tourney: Round 1 is a 5 game, Round 2 is a 3 game, Round 3 is single knockout, and Round 4 is once again 3 games.

What are your guys thoughts on it? I wouldn't be able to run it though (I'm not old enough yet lol), but I can do logos and graphics.

EDIT: Before anyone comments, this event would be held at a certain location in each region, and since #1 Seed gets top advantage, the "Final 16" can be held in their hometown IF possible. Or we can do a neutral site for the Final 16.

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That is a cool idea!  I like that you are thinking big! :)

And, I think that would be cool, and would participate in one near me for sure!


I do not think you can find 4 guys willing to put on a 64 player tourney, or 1 guy willing to do all 4. (Even with help, which they would get, of course.)  I do not think there is the demand for it, either.  Sorry, just being honest.  It is cool you are willing to contribute with logos and graphics, but the real challenge is coordinating everything at a live venue and making a real event happen.  Probably 100x (1000x?) more work than logos and whatnot.

Now, if you piggy-backed on existing events, like just having another contest option at an existing bigger Retro Gaming event, that would help a ton.  But I still don't see the demand;  especially out west.

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I'd love to host a 64 player tournament in Green Bay, but so far the demand hasn't been there so far, or we aren't doing a good enough job getting the word out.(that's what the commercial we are shooting tomorrow is going to help combat)  We are aiming for 32 in February, and expecting at least 25% of that to be players from this forum/online players.

I think a tournament of any kind really starts getting notoriety and recognition once the traveling base equals or exceeds the local base, and then growth explodes.  You start seeing road trips planned with buds from all over making a weekend of it.  Locals meet road warriors, and new friendships are formed.

Soon after that, another road warrior gets the idea to do something in their hometown, and the tournament scene keeps expanding, each organizer adding their own twist.

Not everyone can hit the road(I'm pretty much in that boat, thus why I run events), but I'll share liberally any NHL94 tournament that needs exposure on social media, and I'd hope that you'd all take 30 seconds to do the same.  Like posts, retweet, share, tag friends, that sort of thing, and if at all possibly, actually go to said events and write a review on their page.





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