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VHL6 Roll Call!


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Hey guys, welcome to VHL6!

We had a great VHL5 - congrats to @corbettkb for winning the VHL Cup!

Goal is to have another full draft from the 2018 ROM and have a ~20+ game season with full playoffs. Would love to have at least 12 coaches. 

Draft to begin ~1st week of February.

ROM will be the next iteration of the 2018 updated ROM (V3), similar to the attached ROM.

PM me if you have any questions.

P.S. - DRAFT - We'll use the tool Brutus uses for his drafts to conduct a draft lottery. We'll do a weighted lottery for the order.


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In so far -

Skip (VGK)

@corbettkb (DAL)

@Lupz27 (NYR)

@dcicon5148 (CHI)

@flatcrusher (WPG)

@AdamWoodrow (ARI)

@LABS_66 (PIT)

@jer_33 (TOR)

@chefsuperstar88 (PHI)

@Brutus (SJS)

@jackandjose (COL)

@aqualizard (LAK)

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