87 Solo Rom attached

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Here is a ROM designed to play by yourself.  It is Coach Mac's '87 ROM as a base.  

Choose from 4 weak teams (4th or 5th place in their division that year): LA, Minnesota, Pittsburgh, or Quebec.  All other teams are loaded with players rated 100-120.  No matter which of these 4 teams you choose for playoffs, your 15 opponents will all be the loaded teams.  Also, your goalie on these 4 teams has been made very weak for more fun.  I am a decent player (in my own mind), and I find this ROM a good challenge for solo play.

This ROM could be even better if the extra teams in the 30 team ROM were used to give me more options beyond these 4.  I imagine a ROM with 15 loaded teams for playoff opponents and 15 weak teams for playing options, but this adjustment is beyond me.  

87 Forever NHL.bin

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Love this idea!

I will check this out.

PM me on your thoughts for other teams and I could possibly whip something up for you.

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