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It's been a while since I posted so here goes.

In the "off season" I have been aquiring some training aides. Aides (not AIDS) that have allowed me to play NHL 94 any where my heart feels fit via my Nintendo DS. Now I should say that I have the SNES version working but I believe you can get Genisis emulators as well for the DS but I have not verified.

If you have a flashcart or similar for your DS, do yourself a favour and download a version of snesDS that works for your cart. I have the M3 adapter which reads SD cards (also comes in CF as well) and find version 11-27 works for me. Now the emulation is not perfect and some of the menus and overlay graphics are a tad distorted and occasionaly you get some really strange sounds effects, but the gamelpay itself is pretty much perfect.

I just thought I would share my joy with the NHL94Online community. Hopefully netplay will be implimented in the future but I wouldn't hold your breath. If you want the files check out here: http://www.cs.utah.edu/~tew/snesDS/

The instructions suck so you might have to dig around on the forums listed on that page for help with your cart and/or setup. If you want my help feel free to PM me. If I had my camera I would send some screens but I am without it at the moment.

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Smack my entire body just went out of control when I read this. I just ordered a G6 lite and this is the first mafvcking thing im gonna put on it. Bless your ass man forever and ever thankyou!

:lol: When I got my DS and M3 thats about all I really wanted on it was NHL 94, well aside from the DS and GBS games. I am yet to try a Gens emulator but I'll try and fire one up in the next few days and report back.

You have a flashcart currently or is this your first? The ability to play music, watch movies, view pictures and play tons and tons of games is awesome. Throw on Blades of Steel for shits and giggles or the equally timeless Ice Hockey with the Fat, Medium and Skinny guys.

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