Congrats to Edmonton!!

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was quite a series, had a lead in game 2 goin into the 3rd 5-2...blew it lol, game 3 hopin to turn it around ...winning 6-5 with 3 seconds left and he scores takes it in ot...great series man, wish i didn't get swept lol looks so bad

congrats to the winner jotac well deserved

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After a great season, and a great final against one of the best players of the world the94kid(Biffy). Edmonton wins the SNES cup 4-0 the series. It was an amazing series.

G1: edm 7-5. a great comeback on the 3th period to surprise NYR on a agressive first game.

G2: edm 7-6. This one was amazing, again this one decide on 3th period. the score was 7-6 with 22sec, tony amonte had a penality shoot! but hi misssss and Edmonton wins this one!!!!!!

G3: edm 7-6 OT. This was maybe the most important game of the series, Edm scores a goal with 3 sec left on the 3th period to egalize. In OT Messier miss a breakaway and Manson starts a turnover That Klima didn't miss!! HOT HOT HOT HOTTTTT!!!!!

G4: edm: 8-6. This was the only game that edmonton dominate a little bit, NYR started a comeback on 3th period but Bill Ranford close the door.

MVP: goes to Craig Simpson! he was the key man on playoffs!!

TKS to everybody on the league for a great season.

And cya next year with The blues of St-Louis!!


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A big congrats to JotaC for winning this playoff marathon. He may not have gone in as the odds-on favourite, and he may have had some tough times against LA and Vancouver, but he then went totally insane, rattling off ELEVEN straight playoff wins to rightfully win the Cup. This guy showed me in a few exhibition games what a great player he is, and Jota man I hope you enjoy that Stanley Cup when it comes in the mail!!! Congrats on winning the first season of this great league!

To my man Biff, I know EXACTLY how you feel. I can't believe how much this reminds me of my loss to you in the East final. There are quite a few guys near the top who could all beat each other in a best of 7 series on any given night, and that's all ya gotta remember- I beat myself up for a little while after losing to you convincing myself that I choked and stuff like that, but now that it's a week later I realize that all it was was two equal guys playing in a series and it just wasn't one guy's night. Same thing with you and Jota, either of you two could win on a given night. Anyway you dominated all year long and struck fear into a lot of other players, your goals total will be tough to top, and don't forget that after you and I played a million championships against each other with them going about 50/50, you still hold the bragging rights of having won the most important Biff-Deer battle, and you can still say that you went the furthest of the CB boys in this league.

Most importantly (and if there's anything good to come of how lnog the playoffs were dragged out), the new season is only a few weeks away, and all the fun starts again.

Congrats again to JotaC and Edmonton, what a season it was!!!!!!!!!!

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So...when's that grand championship series between the Genesis and SNES champs happening? I was going to bust out my desire to win that series as my secret motivation to win the Genesis championship, but then I...lost the Genesis championship.

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JotaC and kgman01 are going to schedule a time.

JotaC will have home ice advantage since he had the better record. Good luck guys!

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