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I haven't played any nhl game against a human player since the 90's, and no that i have been able to do that online i've noticed that i suck :P Especially on the defence. I can manage to make a goal every once in a while, but it's not good if the opponent does that on almost every attack.

So, any good tips? The best way isn't propably to just try to run over anything that moves.

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I just wish I could become the goalie when I press the B button LIKE THE GAME MANUAL SAYS! 


Its not switching. I swear this game just pisses me off.

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5 minutes ago, smozoma said:

To become the goalie, hold B for about 0.4 seconds.

Tapping B (not holding it) will switch to another skater.

One additional note -- for this to be possible, make sure the game is set to "Manual Goalie" vs "Auto Goalie" in the menu screen.

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Yeah that doesn’t work. I wonder if Clockwise changed the button configuration? I use NHL14 by Clockwise and the B button is definitely not switching. Manual Goalie is definitely turned on.

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If the rom is set with the "goalie hack" then you would need a 6-button set-up , as the manual goalie is the Y-button.

Maybe try playing the classic rom, and see if holding the B-button gets you goalie control.

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