Plablegs III Season Ends Monday morning

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Hey guys, sending this as private PM, plus in Discord, plus posting here.


Season ends Monday.  Technically, Monday is Sunday night after 12:00, but for reasonable purposes, we will take Monday to be 10 am central.
SO last chance to UPLOAD games is 9:59 am, Monday on September 23rd.

****BIG PUSH****
IF Zep plays Ice, that's 3 games each.
IF Lupz plays Dcicon, that's 3 games each.
IF Jer plays Chef, that's 3 games each.
Those 3 series would make all this look WAY WAY BETTER, so you guys find each other by Monday please.



Zep 27 games (needs Ice & Chef)
Ice 27 games (needs Zep & Lupz)
Brutus 30 games (needs Jer)
Lupz 23 games (needs Dcicon, Chaos, Adam & Ice)
Dcicon 23 games (needs Lupz, Adam, Chef & Jer)
Chaos 30 games (needs Lupz)
Jer 25 games (needs Chef, Dcicon, & Brutus)
Adam 28 games (needs Lupz & Dcicon)
Chef 25 games (needs Jer, Dcicon & Zep)

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Great end to the season guys.  SEASON IS OVER.

IF for stat reasons, if anyone wants to load up any unplayed games before Chaos switches it to playoff mode, I'm fine with that.


Going through seeding now, but 10 teams are locked.

#1 Raph
#2 Zep
#3 Tex
#4 Atomic
#5 Skip
#6 Ice
#7 J&J
#8 Chaos
#9 Brutus
#10 Aqua

Rd 1 PlayIn series
#7 J&J vs #10 Aqua
#8 Chaos vs #9 Brutus

Rd2 Series
#1 Raph vs lowest seed from PlayIns
#2 Zep vs 2nd lowest seed from PlayinIns
#3 Tex vs #6 Ice
#4 Atomic vs #5 Skip



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