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I played with EA Graphics Editor and I noticed that VIV-files are actually TAR (the Unix designation for Tape Archive) files. In XBRUCE2.VIV file there is a lot of audio in it, for example all announcer voice files.

I did extract these files and noticed that if I change the audio speed in Audacity (Free, open source, cross-platform audio software), I can to get out somewhat recognizable audio. Maybe there is a way to edit audio in NHL95PC? I do not have time (or skills) to examine this further now, but I just wanted to bring this out if someone is interested about this in future.

EA Graphics Editor can exctract audio from VIV-files and SNDVIEW can extract/import audio from/to VIV-files. I include here EA Graphics Editor and SNDVIEW if someone wants to investigate this.  



EA Graphics Editor: ://forums.nba-live.com/downloads.php?view=detail&df_id=3

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Just FYI-- I figured out the file format of the rink announcer audio (and likely the Ron Barr VIV file is in the same format but haven't had time to check). I looked at the raw data from XBRUCE.VIV (unpacked it via sndutil) and it looked exactly like an .IFF file with the header chopped off. Added a header from another IFF file and my IFF-to-WAV tool (link to it is in the thread I posted) worked to extract it. The sample rate is either 5500 or 6000, have to compare to the game to make sure what is the right value.


Here is one of the audio clips I extracted:



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