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NHL 95 Gamepad Issues (PC)


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Hello there,

can someone tell me how to calibrate the gamepad (USB) correctly? It works up, left and down (incl. the corners) after the calibration, but not to the right. I have tried it several times - without success. The puck also twitches fast and uncontrolled, not as with the old PS/2 connection at that time using MS-DOS 3.0. 

Whether it is on the USB port?

I would be happy if I got an answer!


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I would highly recommend a mapping program like Xpadder. This allows you to map keyboard keys to your gamepad and then esssentially play the game using the keyboard. I have found this gives the best control response.


1. You can map key combinations to the gamepad buttons. For example, I have a single button that will fake a shot and a single button that will hook/hold.

2. Map the line change keys F1-->F8 to separate buttons.

3. Map escape and enter to separate buttons so you can pause gameplay and advance through lineup screens directly with your gamepad.

4. If you have an analog stick you can map the mouse to it so you can navigate the menus without a mouse.

You can get Xpadder at https://www.xpadder.com It is 10 dollars.

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