How to use modified games?

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Hi, everyone,

Stumbled upon this forum, been playing nhl94 since 1994.  Fun never dies.

Is there any ways to modify cartridges?  Or is the "Rom" ever mentioned meant the cd version of games?  Only playable on segacd?

Obviously rookie questions, any help will be appreciated.

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What's referred to as "a ROM" is a file you download onto your computer that contains the game code from the cartridge, and that file can be modified and run in an emulator (software that plays the games on your computer).

There are also special cartridges ("Everdrives") you can get that you can copy a modified ROM onto and play it on an actual console. 

Go to and on the right side of the page at the bottom, download "Gens Package (Emulators, New and Old Kaillera DLLs, ROMs, Files for Recording Games)" or "Snes Package (Emulator & ROMs)". These are for Windows computers. If you're on a Mac, see the instructions here instead:

Modified versions of the game are available in the downloads section:

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Let us know if you need any help getting those working

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