Glitches, Fixes and Hacks that would make NHL94 God Level

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Another enhancement: Deflected shots.  It would be cool if guys with high agility/stickhandling could deflect the puck (pressing "b"?) if someone rifles the puck near them when they are in front of the net. 


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And another one: "Touch sensitive" passing.  As in, a light touch means really soft pass, a long press means bullet. (Or maybe the opposite?)  Maybe a reaaally long press is a saucer pass?

This idea is inspired by the own goals caused when a goalie rifles a pass off the heels of a D-man, and into their own net.  It is stupid how there is a one-size-fits-all pass.  No goalie in their right mind would do a hard, fast pass to a D-man 3 feet in front of them.

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