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Ziggy Stardust

Accurate 92-93 season rosters/lines for NHL '94

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Despite the fact that Anaheim and Florida were added to NHL '94 with incomplete rosters, I always attempted to recreate my own version of the 92-93 season/playoffs, with the Los Angeles Kings coming out on top of course.

I was curious to see if there were others who preferred to update the lineups for teams to match what they actually were back then as opposed to loading up on one line with line changes and offsides turned off.

So yeah, I was insane enough to insert Warren Rychel on LW alongside Wayne Gretzky and Tomas Sandstrom while Luc Robitaille was on the 2nd line, centered by Jari Kurri, with Gary Shuchuk on the opposite wing. 

As a stickler for accuracy, I couldn't help it. Anyhow, if others are interested, should we share accurate lineups of our respective favorite clubs in this thread?

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Sounds like a cool idea

I guess you have to watch old video and check boxscores to figure out who played together?

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I'll have to dig through my old roster files on my external drive, but I think I might have actual recreated accurate rosters for the PC version.

Since the console versions only allowed for three forward lines, I would usually rotate the unused skaters in the secondary PP/PK units. 

Here are the lines the Kings rolled with during the '93 playoffs.

Line 1: Rychel-Gretzky-Sandstrom-Zhitnik-Blake

Line 2: Robitaille-Kurri-Shuchuk-Sydor-Huddy

Line 3: Donnelly-Millen-Granato-Watters-McSorley

PP Line 1: Robitaille-Gretzky-Sandstrom-Zhitnik-Blake

PP Line 2: Granato-Carson-Kurri-Sydor-McSorley

PK Line 1: Conacher-Taylor-Watters-Blake

PK Line 2: Gretzky-Kurri-Huddy-McSorley

Goal: Hrudey-Stauber


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