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If you're not familiar with the WHA, Wikipedia does a far better job of explaining than I ever could. 


Long story short, if you're in need of your Whalers or Nords fix this is where it all began.  Rosters have all major players included but lines are built similar to Deadline ROMs with playoff rosters and/or late-season trades in mind.  However, if you feel the need to see Alton White in a NY Raiders sweater or Michel Rouleau as a Blazer they're all there and just a line edit away...  Player photos are updated with some really, REALLY big hair.

A lot of the graphics and player rating for later seasons are already done so hope to keep these coming relatively regularly.

Comments, suggestions and (constructive) criticism always welcomed. 


1973 WHA.bin


1973 WHA_000.jpg

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The 1973-74 season saw another marquee name join the new league as Gordie Howe was coaxed out of retirement to play alongside his sons Mark and Marty in Houston.  The bet paid off for the Aeros as the Howes brought home the AVCO World Trophy.  ROM linked above.

BONUS - The New York Golden Blades moved to New Jersey mid-season and became the Knights.  I've included the Golden Blades as a separate team at the end of the ROM.  Only players that suited up in the purple and gold are included.

Question - during play testing I noticed the Chicago @ Vancouver matchup features a whole lot of yellow jerseys.  Out of curiosity, anyone out there know what they did when they faced off in real life?  Knowing the WHA, they probably had both teams wear yellow pants...

1974 WHA_000.jpg

1974 WHA.bin

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The Howe family defended their AVCO World Trophy in '75 as the league welcomed the Indianapolis Racers and Phoenix Roadrunners to the fold.  The Jersey Knights headed west to become the San Diego Mariners while the Los Angeles Sharks became the Michigan Stags - only to relocate to Baltimore midseason as the Blades.  Bobby Hull scored 77 goals and captured the Gary L. Davidson Award as the league's most valuable player.  San Diego's Andre Lacroix was the league's leading scorer with 147 points.  Anders Hedberg was the rookie of the year and led the Swedish invasion while Ron Grahame took top goaltender honors.

BONUS #1- if you're looking to relive the Stags' 3 months of glory they have been included as a team featuring only players who suited up for Michigan.

BONUS #2 - following the success of the 1972 Summit Series another exhibition was held in 1974 under the same format featuring players from the WHA facing off against the Soviets.  Leading up to and following the games against the Soviets Team Canada played a series of exhibitions against the Czechoslovak, Finnish and Swedish national teams as well as a WCHL all-star squad.  All teams are playable.  The ratings for these teams are HIGHLY subjective - there is simply no way to accurately quantify the teams with such a small number of games.  I am well aware that, as an example, Marc Tardif is not a 48-rated player.  I built the ratings to try and catch a snapshot of how the players performed over the course of the Series, not as a judgment of their overall skill levels.  Feel free to change as you see fit.

Ideas, suggestions, corrections always welcomed.

1975 WHA.bin

On a personal note, I was fortunate enough to catch some of the Olympics in Vancouver in 2010.  After a very long day my wife and I decided to pop into our hotel bar for a couple of cold Kokanees.  We pulled up a couple of barstools next to an older gentleman who introduced himself as Gary.  He was laughing about how he had picked the wrong time to come into the city for a dentist appointment.  We chatted for quite a while, only later that evening did we discover that Gary was the younger brother of HOFer Darryl Sittler.  While he never made it to the NHL he played a handful of games in the WHA.  Working on this project I was sad to learn that Gary passed away several years ago.  RIP Gary, thanks for the beers...

1975 WHA_000.jpg

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