XFG/dalstarsfan's NHL 2002 Guide Part 2: How to assign custom music to certain teams

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Ever wondered how to get a certain song to be team specific after import? Well to paraphrase Cultaholic/WhatCulture's Simon Miller...how? -slaps head and snaps fingers- Here's how.


In this tutorial I am going to be installing "Brass Bonanza as my custom Hartford team's scoring song. For this you need a copy of Brass Bonanza (find it yourself) and NHL 2002 Ditty Importer (Find it yourself). Once you have those things, open Ditty Importer. in the top box, you want to put the file you're converting. In this case, Brass Bonanza. Also before transferring to ditty importer, find some way of converting from MP3 to wav.


Next up, before you hit convert, hit up Program Files(x86)> EA Sports>NHL 2002>User>ditties. For this section we're going to be dealing with goal music when theyre the home team. So enter the goal_home folder and make a new folder, titled hfd (lower caps). Now you can make any options you want in the ditty importer. I added reverb. Hit the convert button and in minutes, when youre in game and score, you should hear Brass Bonanza. I'll make a video guide a bit later on once i figure out how record full screen games. But for now, thank you for reading this simple tutorial and #allhailthewhale!

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