2v2 rom for Vancouver - can someone make one?

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Apologies for the lateness on this.

I've downloaded @Xstioph s2v2 rom. I was wondering if someone would be willing to quickly put together a SNES 2v2 rom I could use for vancouver with equal ratings(say all players at 80ish), like the one for Sega.

And maybe include some cool pairings that guys in vancouver might like to use, by perhaps replacing some other teams with the jerseys (1980s yellow shirts, 2000s Orcas jersyss, todays unis.)

naslund/bertuzzi (Orcas)

boeser/horvat/petterson (todays colors)

smyl/gradin (1980s)

sedin/sedin (todays jerseys)

Linden/Bure (no change needed)

Or create one for Sega Genesis

Again my apologies for the lateness..I thought of this a long time ago, and it didn't occur to me until know when i was messagin coach earlier today about 4 way adapters.

It would be needed to be done by wednesday (or maybe thursday).

If not, I'll make due, but just was throwing a hail mary for some help.


My plan was to have an end of day tournament for 2v2 (small one). for one or both systems.

Thanks in Advance(if possible).


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