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instead of all these leagues and bullshit, why not open source code and make a new game... we're all in our 30 and 40s by now... get a couple guys that know what they are doing and lead the team.

create a nhl 92 93 94 copycat, using all the original sprites.

the ultimate retro hockey game...


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3 minutes ago, kingraph said:

EA owns the source code and they are not (as of now) releasing it to anyone.  At the same time, why do you want to copycat the game with original sprites?  Just play the original if that is what you wanted?

Agreed...plus, isn't the original the "ultimate retro hockey game"?  Weight bug aside, it is still more fun to play than anything EA is currently releasing.

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This has been discussed in the past, creating a new "retro" hockey game.

As far as leagues and stuff, I think we're all still really happy to be able to play these games online against each other.

Still blows me away that guys were able to mod the game so that we could draft our own teams, and have online leagues.

Love it.


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look at the guy that remade that tecmo bowl...or that blood hockey...  then the skys the limit

you can make something new, thats looks mechanically the same

the ultimate hockey game would be 92 +  93 + 94

a game thats editable beyond the capabilities of whats been accomplished here...

graphics and rosters, big deal... considering its been 15+ years

i was hex editing the roster by hand back in 99

theres really not much more you can do....


its time to figure out the decompression whats his name gave us, or build something new


its too bad the file structure on the DOS/windows nhl wasnt garbage....


just saying...

image a nhl94 with fighting

image a nhl94 with fighting after the whistle

image a nhl94 with goalie fights

image a nhl94 with mutliple fights

image a nhl94 with 4 players

image a nhl94 with hip checks

image a nhl94 with specific injuries

image a nhl94 with a changing crowd


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Start it up

If making it for desktop computer: https://www.pygame.org/news

If making it for xbox/ps, I think it's C++, but there's also an upfront cost for it for a developer kit (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/uwp/gaming/getting-startedhttps://partners.playstation.net/)


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It is aleady four- (five-) player... but I agree with a desire to see it rebuilt, like Lunar Magic or Zelda Classic -- a recreation built from the ground up that allows for custom game creation.  At that point we could all tweak it to our own preferences down to minute details.  It would take a special genius to spearhead such an effort.  "NHL 199x."

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