Jeremy Roenick's "Hard-Hitting and Fearless" Biography

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Just finished Roenick's biography this week, it was a quick read and is written exactly as you'd expect (including every appropriate or inappropriate f-bomb).

He talks about growing up in Boston, his 15 minutes of college education, his rookie season in Chicago, and his career through Phoenix, Philadelphia and San Jose. 

He has good things to say about Tony Amonte, Mike Modano, and every goon that ever played on his teams. He even talks about the respect he felt for Derian Hatcher who broke his jaw with an elbow.

He has bad things to say about Roman Chechmanek, Robert Reichel and Patrick Marleau - all of whom he considered gutless and non-playoff performers. He also has an entire chapter on the debacle that was the Wayne Gretzky led Coyotes.

There are stories about the Olympic teams, including the infamous trashed hotel room. Stories of high-stakes team poker games, tips on sneaking into a hotel after curfew, and lots of chatter about the many coaches and captains that made him an impact player.

Most surprising was the amount of respect he still gives Mike Keenan, but he insists that he understood what Keenan was trying to do - and credits him with molding him into an NHL star.

I found my copy in the Bargain Books section for $6, which is roughly what I would have paid in late fees from the library.

I would rate this book 3/5 hockey scars for literary achievement, but 6/5 scars for entertainment - as I said, exactly what you'd expect from Jeremy Roenick.


Lots of pages to review on Google Books: [book preview]


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Marleau's playoff stats are in line with his regular season stats, and Cechmanek's aren't far off (and small sample size). Reichel's playoff stats with the Leafs are pretty horrible though.

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14 hours ago, aqualizard said:

Cool!  I guess it goes without saying he never mentioned the game NHL94 (or I am sure you would have mentioned that)?

He does mention it, as he is quite proud of being a video game celebrity. Became friends with Vince Vaughn because of it.

@smozoma his dislike for Reichel was because he asked for his season-end physical before a game 7 - so that in case the team lost, he could fly home.

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