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Et Tu Brute Deuce - Schedule Games


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For those missing guys like:
Icestorm, Dcicion, & Chaos, you are probably f&cked.  These guys dragging everyone down with them!

For those needing Chef, he's at 23 games and normally gets to bed early. 
For those needing Angryjay, he's GREAT at setting a time to play, but it's normally later.  Reach out to him.
For those needing me (Brutus), I will be around after 11 pm central, and Sunday/Tuesday for those not able to make the late night.  DM me in discord.
For those needing Lupz, he's normally good about setting up games as long as they are LATE at night.

Zep has been on Discord randomly asking for games.  Maybe actually reply to those requests or try to set a fixed time.
J&J always been good with scheduling games, so I'd be surprised to not see him finish up here.


AGAIN, for those needing BRUTUS, send me a DM via Discord on any night you will be on AFTER 11 pm central, and I will make sure to look for you.  OTHERWISE, I'll be reaching out myself to try to get games in Sunday/Tuesday.   Stuck working late all week aside from those 2 day/nights.

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