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Ok, its PLAYOFF time.

11 teams have played enough games to qualify.  So, that's an odd number, but I've got something interesting to make it work for all who qualified.

Here are the teams in terms of seeding, but we will NOT re-seed.  I'll draw up a tourney sheet and this way, if both sides finish their previous brackets, no need to wait for all games in that round to finish.

#1 Dallas - Tex
#2 Hartford - Zep
#3 Quebec - Skip
#4 Hamilton - Atomic
#5 LA - Aqua
#6 Winnipeg - Flatcrusher
#7 Chicago - Brutus
#8 TB - J&J
#9 Minnesota - MikeGartner
#10 Toronto - Jer
#11 NYI - Spaceghost

Bottom teams will have a play-in style round, top teams get bye in round 1.  Single elimination, Best of 7 all rounds.

I'll post pic shortly of hand drawn tourney.

We will need a PLAYOFF version of the ROM and once that's up, games can start today, and I'll email Chaos to get the playoffs on the site.

THANKS TO ALL for taking time to do a draft, play your games and enjoy some good old NHL94.  As it turned out, not all were able to get their games in, and that's how it goes some seasons.  It was a shorter run, and I chose to NOT replace them, as most were top level coaches and no great options to replace on even levels.


Again, thanks.



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RD 1
NYI @ Winn
Tor @ Chi
Minn @ TB

Best of 7, 2-2-1-1-1 format.

Good luck to those in Rd 1.

Round 2 features the winners of these rounds vs Quebec, Hartford & Dallas.
LA @ Ham is also Round 2, and can be played now if you two buds want to go at it!

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Hoping to be done very soon, as holidays & traveling plans are around to corner.


Aqua vs Atomic is scheduled today or tomorrow.  

Mom hoping to find Zep Saturday night.

waiting on word from skip/flatcrusher.


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