Toronto NHL94 Fans want to compete?

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Any '94 fans in the Toronto area that want to meetup and play?

Three of us play on a Sega using the old cartridge. We have a 4-way thingy, too, but need another fan. (All of are other friends play only new games on PS2, and don't get how we want to play a 10 year old game with "blobby" graphics! The fools, lol.)

Anyway, if you are computer savvy and want to show us how to get this emulator/online thing going, that is cool, too. But for the record, we are currently only playing the real thing on our taped-together Sega from years ago, using gamepades with sticky buttons that rattle when you move them.

If interested, make a note here or email

aqualizard at hotmail

and we can take it from there!



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hey, aqua. i too am an old school genesis nhl '94 player who lives in toronto. i also have not gotten into online play yet, partially because i prefer the purity of actually using a console and old controller as you said.

my fellow nhl '94 fanatic, who posts on this board as klima85, is going to be in town next week and i know he would love to meet up with some 94'ers for some games.

if the offer still stands, let me know on this board or email me -

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Hey Verbeek,

I have switched from aqualizard to blueapricot416, but it is still me! (I am now playing online and that is my online name.)

Yeah, we are still playing, and getting together is possible, although I am starting a new job this week, and one of the 3 guys I play with is out of town. I will shoot you and email at dadbath.

So what settings do you use?

We use:

Period Length: 5 min

Line Changes: Off

Goalies: Manual

Penalties: On

Offsides: Off

See ya,


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hey, blueapricot.

i just emailed you back. we play by almost the exact same rules, but with penalties off, so that should make for some good games.

if there is anyone else in toronto interested in meeting up for some games this week, let us know.

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