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Et Tu Brute Deuce IS OVER!


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I'd like to take the time to thank ALL of you who signed up & played, even those that were not able to find enough time to complete your games, as I know Thanksgiving made some opponents harder to find, and I believe one of the guys had his hardware crap out on him.  Draft, Season & Playoffs went fairly on schedule, and a 4 round playoff, Best of 7 to finish in less than 2 weeks is rare.

A special MUCHO GRACIAS goes out to the following buds:
@skip @corbettkb @aqualizard @Mike Gartner

You four finished ALL 42 games.  

Most Improved user goes to Flatcrusher.  Drafting top goalies is I'm sure #1 on his GM's draft board from here on out!  Kudos on a 20-20 season and some big W's vs both AngryJay & myself.

Toughest out is a tie between Atomic & Skip.  Both buds had great seasons with many quality wins, and both advanced to the semi-finals, where Atomic took Tex all the way to an exciting Game 7, and Skip battled Brutus 4 OT games before losing out in 6 games.  Turns out, the only 2 games the Blackhawks lost in the playoffs where to Skip's Nordiques, and having 4 OT games in a Best of 7 series is crazy.

Thanks to guys like Chef & Spaceghost, who put in full effort even when the deck is stacked.  It takes everyone in a league to make it work, and your draft participation and sportsmanship is top shelf.  Aqua's overall activity, feedback and gameplay really felt like an important glue this season as well.   Thx Buds.

I do feel the Weight Draft & Weighted Schedule seemed to make it fun for everyone, except maybe the top dogs frustrated by barrage of 99 overall goalies!!  That said, in the future, which will likely be the DISTANT future, next draft, I'll definitely allow weighted teams again, perhaps even stronger for bottom and worse for the top, but there will be no great goalies, and users will be forced to learn to manual goalie or outscore score their opponent.


And a special shout out to KingRaph & Chaos for doing all the behind the scenes work for setting up Draft docs, Rom graphics, website setup, etc.   These leagues don't run so smoothly or look so cool without guys like you two helping out.

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MVP Regular Season:
Sergei Fedorov
42 games played, gives him the edge, with a 87 goal season.

Runner up:
Pierre Turgeon
Despite a shortened season, this man put up 57 goals, and over 3.5 points/game.

Best Goalie:
Andy Moog
26 games, but still registers 6 shutouts and an amazing 2.57 GAA!

Playoff MVP:
Brett MO'FO Hull
52 goals in 18 games, and 3.5 points/game, and lead the Blackhawks to a 12-2 playoff record.

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Yeah, thanks, and congrats!, Brutus!

Season was excellent. I enjoy the WBF leagues more, and I think you had the right idea with a weighted draft. (I know it is more work.)  Also, the short penalties are the way to go. (I am playing Classic now, and a 2:00 PIM with 5:00 periods seems insane.)  Overall, very enjoyable, and your Commish effort is appreciated. :)


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