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Loved using that program for the different versions of the Genisis NHL games but it eventually stopped working because of this error that reads "Please install and register the Windows common controls ActiveX Control DLL (mscomctl.ocx)." and I know your suppose to install and run the Visual Basic program and all and I did but it dosent change anything.   And I still get the same error when downloading it onto my current laptop.  I did end up finding this version of it that worked for me and never gave me any problems, found it on some random website but cant remember the name of it.  Sucks because not only was that on an older laptop but when I went back to try and find that working version so I could try to put it on a USB and transfer it to my new laptop I couldn't find it anywhere -_- I know also that its not because It cant run in Windows 10 or anything like that because that was the only OS I ever ran it in.  I just hope someone can help me to get this great program back and working again! 

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