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Hiya everyone,

does anyone possibly know if there’s a tutorial for adding teams to roms, particularly 93 and 94. I know some people know how to. I’d love to know how to and have a go myself. I know my way around hex Ed a little too.


many thanks 

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If you want to convert existing teams into other teams (change the names, logos, players..) that's do-able, just have to search through the forums (in particular here) or start here: (although I dont' think it's do-able in 93 because the graphics haven't been decompressed in the ROM)

If you want to make additional teams in the ROM, it's very difficult (it's been done twice, ones from 28->30, and again from 30->32). I think Raph is putting together documentation on how it was done.

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Again, to Smoz's point, it depends on what you are looking to do.  Changing teams within the 30 or 32 team ROM can be done with the links previously provided.  

If you want to know what is involved in adding additional teams to an existing ROM, I would read through my project where I took '95 from 28 to 34 teams here:

I will list offsets for hacking the 32 team ROM in the near future, but not a step by step on how it was done.  That information is in the '95 project, happy to answer any questions that come up from that. 

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Thank you mate, I have asked you on that project not sure if you’ve seen yet. On NOSE I get.... this specified file apears to be an unsupported rom any ideas?

my fav games are 93, 94 and 95 im basically finding my feet with each rom edit that’s all and I’m very appreciative of your advice and time in replying to questions I have once again thank you for your time

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Think I’ll give up trying to add teams and wait for the 32 team ‘93 rom that’s in the midst lol. Can’t wait for that one!

im very keen to keep that updated when it’s released there’s so much love for ‘94 being updated I’d love to be one of them that helps out with ‘93 as I know loads of us enjoy playing that as well as ‘94!

i could do ‘95 as well I guess just in case lol

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