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Me again lol

Does anyone know anywhere that can create your own draft using your own selection of players? I wanted to be able to add my own list of players for people to pick their own teams for. So we can create our teams for the league I was going to run. Just to add preferably a free custom draft lol.

As always thank you for everyone’s time

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1 hour ago, smozoma said:

I think people have just used online google docs.

Can someone point him to a spreadsheet from a previous league that could be cloned and edited?

That would be good if some could thank you

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17 minutes ago, T0LTS said:

That would be good if some could thank you

Here, I made a copy of the last sheet we used:


I think you should be able to view and save a copy for yourself to edit.  Take some time to review the sheet and you can PM me directly if you have questions as I designed most of that thing.

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