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1 hour ago, kingraph said:

Good examples, and I personally like Hull and Verbeek at C.

More personal preferences while we are at it:

Detroit: Dino vs Yzerman
Calgary: Roberts vs Fleury
Quebec (ALWAYS): Sundin vs Sakic
New York Rangers (sometimes): Messier over Gartner
Washington (sometimes): Khristich over Bondra


@kingraph FTFY

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3 hours ago, smozoma said:

Why Messier?? C/B check?

I prefer to have Gartner as the playmaker/setup guy to feed Messier.  Gartner can also get the puck off the faceoff for an individual play.  

Yes, Messier CB check is devastating (10 weight, 5 chk), so defensively it's great to have him all over.  On offense, his 3/3 shot is good enough to pocket one-timers.  His pass shot is quick too, not sure if that's due to his passing rating, weight, or what.  

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Thanks again @kingraph for the bones of this rating sheet.  Here's my 95 Version.  Main change is I put first forward as Center, and called out wings due to the deadliness of the cut across move with a back hand.  Also put in some little icons for player skill because I love icons...

NHL 95 Tier Rankings

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