Need Help finding a Location for New York - King of 94 - 4

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Hello all,

I have to say it's been a battle to say the least finding a place.

With Vegas, we find a location, and have solid interaction with the venue. Vancouver, one email to the canadian brewhouse and they're on board and are happy to have us there.

New york has been a different beast altogether. I've contacted about 30 places so far...most don't even acknowledge or return an email or call. I don't get it. Is this how business works there? It makes no sense to me.

I finally found a venue, guy seems to be on board. I ask for a specific day and he agrees only to realize that I picked the wrong day. Since that time(about 3 weeks ago I've asked to confirm the correct day via email, fb messaging and phone calls, all of which haven't been returned.) If he replies, then awesome, but I can't wait and hope he replies.

I could use some help (and shout out to @MikeGartner22 who's been a great help so far) trying to help find some places.

I've even expanded my reach to new jersey.

This is the preference for a venue

-can support 80-100 people

-serves food and booze

-solid internet connection for streaming as well enough space  for station set ups.

-they are willing to let us be there for free(trade off is the business they will get our sales)


Please post anything and everything you can think of and I will reach out to them.


The sooner I can get a venue the sooner we can get a "save the date" in place for those out of towners wanting to travel.


Thanks guys!

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  • halifax changed the title to Need Help finding a Location for New York - King of 94 - 4

Maybe we should find the bar that had agreed to host it on instagram and twitter, and just spam the s**t out of them until we get an answer.

Or just do it in Montreal or Toronto.

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Hey Halifax, I guess NYC does things differently. (The Bastards.)

I do think reaching out for help is the right idea.  Specifically, it sounds like you need a local guy to go by in person and try and set stuff up.  The old fashioned way.  There are quite a few NYC dudes, right? (MikeG you mentioned, but there is Raph, Chaos, Tex, Lupz... who am I forgetting?)

Or, I like the Toronto or Montreal option! (I know this next time around in Toronto I will stepup big time.  Last time I wasn't really part of the community.)  

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