NHL 98(SNES) play each other online?

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8 hours ago, RedonRed said:

I've been using snes9x-1.57 to play NHL 98 on. Works great. Anyone wanna play online?

You may have an uphill battle awaiting you, but I wish you the best in your search.

Finding games for NHL94 while in a dedicated NHL94 Discord channel can be challenging at times(varying schedules, existing league commitments, ).  My experience has been most people seem to get their games in via league play.  Being isolated from a dedicated community for 98 obviously compounds your challenges here.

I believe many have moved onto Retroarch, if you'll head over to http://nhl94online.com/ you can get the downloads people use there.  Get connected to the NHL94 Discord https://discord.gg/kvYSWWC, make some friends, and start playing NHL94(not 98) at first.  Perhaps if you've put in enough time with some buds, they might be willing to try a NHL98 rom with you.  Just don't force feed it to them at first.  After some time, I was able to get a couple guys to try out Street Fighter 2 Special Championship Edition.

At this time I'm not aware of any dedicated community around the 98 ROM, otherwise I'd steer you in that direction.

I don't personally play 1998, but if you're around on Discord, my handle is Trojan #1343.  Maybe we can give it a try.



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