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On 5/14/2019 at 6:39 PM, Brutus said:

Classic style ROM with no weight bug fixed, NO C/B fix.
No boost to goalies, Classic style for goalie range & control switch controls (no SNES instant switch or shortened B switch controls)
Classic Hot/Cold on, except displays of in game ratings will be accurate.
5 minute periods, Offsides Off, Icing ON, Penalties on (league vote for either 2 mins, 1 min or no penalties, with 1 min being default if no consensus)
Overtime set for 10 minutes.  (Nothing better than an OT battle around the 4 minute mark after a few great saves!)
12 Forwards, 6 defense, 2 Goalies


1.Tex - in
2. MikeG- in
3. Dickon - in
4. Atomic In
5. Aqua - In
6. AJ - In
7. J&J - in
8. FPB - in
9. Brutus - in
10. Ice - in
11. Raph - in
12. Kuefner - in
13. LeifErikson - in
14. Jer - in
15. Chaos - in
16. GoKanes21- in
17. Schmidt - in
18. Zep - in




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OK, I have mentioned 2 team draft, but we are up to 18 teams (16 confirmed), so we will only be drafting ONE team each.


HOWEVER, we will be doing a FULL roster draft, all 12 forwards, 6 defenders and 2 goalies.

This will enable Line Changes ON for Exi's, and a possible MID-SEASON Tourney I am thinking of doing using Line Changes in the rules.

ALSO, this will setup A level coaches to use their "B" squad vs B coaches A teams, and even out the playing field during the regular season.


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