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Which one works best?  

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  1. 1. Pick a schedule appeals to you the most, and comment below if one of the other options is a close second.

    • Summer League style. Schedule will enable you to play/log 10 games vs each coach (5home/5away). Everyone can fill in as much or as little participation as they are available for. Playoff seeding/byes will be based off of points for wins, encouraging more games to be played, but everyone is playoff eligible, so humping out a ton of games not required. Stat TOTALs get skewed, but PER game stats tend to stay in line, especially with A coaches using B squad vs B coaches, so a guy can't load up on B opponents only to his advantage. Minimum 0 games/ Maximum 170
    • Combo of Summer League & Regular League schedule. Schedule enables 8 games vs each coach (4home/4away), but only the first 4 core games (2home/2away) vs each coach are mandatory for playoff seeding & byes. UNPLAYED core games will be assesed DNPs to the slacker coach or split if both slacked, further effecting playoff seeding. Everyone still playoff eligible, as it is a Summer League. Minimum 68 games/ Maximum 136.
    • Combo of Summer & Short League Schedule. Schedule enables 8 games vs each coach (4home/4away), but only the first 2 core games (1home/1away) vs each coach mandatory for playoff seeding/byes (less chance of DNP's than option 2) Everyone is still playoff eligible regardless. Minimum 34 games/ Maximum 136.
    • Regular League schedule. Each coach is setup to play each coach 4 times (2home/2away). All 68 games are required, with any unplayed games assigned DNP penalties based on who was the slacker(s). Playoff seeding based on win % and DNP combo, as in previous leagues. Everyone is still playoff eligible though. Min/Max 68 games.
    • Shorter Summer League/Reular League schedule. Each coach is set up to play 4 games vs each coach(2home/2away), but only the first 2 core games (1home/away) vs each coach are mandatory for playoff seeding/byes. Everyone makes playoffs. Min 34/ Max 68

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Ok, we have 18 coaches, 9 A & 9 B. 
The season will last 2 months, probably from June 1st through July 31st.  This will be in the middle of summer, and some of the coaches will be around A LOT and some will not hardly be around AT ALL.

Previous summer leagues BOMBED as a result of such a drastic range in coach's availability, to the point where some guys stopped signing up for leagues in the summer.  LAST year, J&J ran a summer league where the schedule was OPEN, meaning you could play as many games as you wanted, or as few as you wanted, as long as your participated SOME, you were playoff eligible.  This seemed to work great for the majority of people involved.

Please vote, and then leave any feedback afterwards below.  IF you are confused by the questions, feel free to ask before voting, as I'm sure some of you will be, given previous interaction :)


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Looks like a lot to read through BUT basically:

EVERYONE is going to be playoff eligible.

There will be BYE rounds in the playoffs, like a play-in setup, and the B guys are asking for one playoff set up, so this will likely be the case.

The question comes in, do you want a LARGE open schedule, and just go by stats that show AVERAGE/per game, or do you prefer a shorter schedule where the games being played, not played have more penalties.

I sold this to most of you as OPTION 1, so unless I get a crazy amount of guys asking for NOT option 1, this will likely be the choice.

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Option 1 it will be.

Summer schedule it is.

I'll try to play some games vs the B & C group, especially w/ my B squad, and factor our playoff format before season starts, which I'm aiming for June 1st/2nd range.


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