Updated rosters and teams for NHL Hockey (DOS)

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I've (re)discovered NHL Hockey (DOS) and it's sooooooo much better than the SNES/Genesis version! I used to play a lot on my brother's PC when it was released and I was so thrilled to find out that I can play it again, on my Mac, using Boxer!

Yay! :D

However, I'd like to know if someone, somewhere, was able to update the rosters with the 2018-2019 teams (along with the new teams, even if it means I'll lose the Québec Nordiques…)?

Also, has anyone been able to "datamine" the player sprites for all teams? I got a personal project of mine and I would like to use graphics from the game without having to play games and doing screenshots!

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I… just don't understand what to do or how to do it! ;)

Besides, I have a Mac, so I cannot use the .exe without some workarounds (like Parallels).

Is there any way to simply replace some files in the DOS files of the game?

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Take a look under the NHL95(PC) section, there are a load od DOS tools for working with rosters and graphics, I believe work for both versions.

18-19 Roster update (NHL95PC): 

Long list of utilities: 


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