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This is the last version my ROM edit from pixelpuck.com (RIP) around 2013. There is an NHL91.com ROM on the master list, however, I believe this may be from the Season 2 draft, when @angryjay93 beat @Freydey in 5 games. Here are some way-back pics of the blog from season 2:





Okay, as to the new update from around 2013, here are the biggest changes:


  • Scanned media guide photos from 90-91 for every player card.
  • Remastered sprite fields two colors for helmets and one for sleeve piping for the most accurate uniforms possible [HUDB].
  •  Meticulously rated, NHL players from after the 90-91 trade deadline, completely overhauled from the original ROM edit.
  • 26 man rosters: 15 forwards, 8 defensemen, and 3 goalies.
  • Team ratings based on team performance (home PTS %), road warrior rating (away PTS %), special teams (PP% – PPGF, and PK% – PKGAA), offensive prowess (GF/G and GF), defensive stoutness (GAA) [EARE].
  • New control read method. Goalie control is now mapped to the (Y) button. Controls must be calibrated to the 6 button configuration to use this feature. [SpritesMind]
  • Refined system that narrows attribute increments for more accurate player ratings.
  • NHL91 splash screens.
  • NHL91 logo for the Zamboni and team selection.
  • NHL91 timer logo.
  • 90-91 crease and improved nets.
  • New font.
  • Checking – speed burst multiplier adjustment.
  • Adjusted fatigue meters.
  • Hot – cold ratings fix.
  • Weight bug fix.
  • Assist bug fix.
  • Puck-drop organ tunes have been matched to the correct teams
  • A longer, louder, different sounding goal horn that more closely resembles the ones used in current NHL arenas [YT].

NHL 90-91 Recap

  • Penguins Win 8-0 in Game 6 @ Minnesota to win their first Stanley Cup
  • Brett Hull scores 86 goals 
  • 4 players score more than 50 goals
  • Guy Lafleur plays his last NHL game with Quebec
  • Several future, and potential future, HOFers played their first NHL games
    • Fedorov
    • Recchi
    • Hasek
    • Jagr
    • Bondra
    • Sundin
  • All-Star Game is held in Chicago.
  • Super Series took place between three Soviet teams (CSKA Moscow, Dynamo Moscow, Khimik Voskresensk) and the NHL. The Soviets won the series 12-6-3
  • Chicago wins The Presidents Trophy and is bounced in the division semis by Minnesota in 6 games
  • Art Ross goes to Gretzky
  • Norris goes to Bourque
  • Vezina goes to Belfour
  • Conn Smythe goes to Lemieux who missed more than 50 games 
  • Hartford Whalers don't even know that they're moving to Carolina in a few seasons and are too busy enjoying one of the best logos of all-time to notice
  • No one in the hockey world knows who Gary Bettman is and everyone is thankful 
  • Also, a bunch of other stuff happened and it was all pretty cool since it was the 90s'


  • Speed burst is cut in 1/2. You really have to line up your checks and breakaways are harder to chase down if you get caught pinching
  • Ratings are more akin to EA's current games, and as a result the game plays better with line changes
  • Endurance is greatly reduced as well, one or two scoring chances and you'll need to go for a change or your line will be out of gas, which forces you to roll lines


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Man I wish I was active on the boards when these leagues were running. 

Was lucky though to get a season or two of Blitz and a few seasons of GDL before they  folded. 

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Don't mean to take any thunder away from @skip & @slapshot67 NHL20 rom (seriously, go download it), but I'm going through my old files and forgot about some of this stuff. 

All the skaters from the league on the site had their own stat pages with their ratings, which can't be displayed here, but I can share the hockey card scans. I cut out every skater and stylized them in the theme of the site. Some samples below:









Bure (Super Series - Moscow Central Red Army)

Each team had it's own stylized login screen as well. The blog would rotate background images, too.

North Stars login

Blues login

One of the random blog backgrounds that would rotate (half of Hulls' missing foot would have been covered by content)

Also made a jacket insert for a Genesis box, and cart sticker for the game


Have a bunch of stuff that I want to post, like the sprite patch so that this stuff is on the forums.

As an aside, I just noticed that Wboys' hexaddicts.com was available for registration so I picked it up. Should be able to get the old pages back from archive.orgs' Wayback machine. 

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I cant wait to try this ROM! These seasons were when I fell in love with hockey so I'll play these all day long. Wish I was around for a league for this ROM ...also, loving these photos you're finding!

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