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According to the latest tweet which was announced today, Sensible World of Soccer 2020 will be a full game title, contain team data from 2019-2020, have USB Controller support, and finally full customizeable sound and graphics! And that's pretty much all we know so far, but as ever as soon we know more, you'll be the first to get the heads up.



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On 9/9/2019 at 3:58 PM, The Dopefish said:

NHL '94 wishes it was as deep and editable as SWOS!

That being said, what is so new and up-to-date about this version of SWOS? Looking at the rosters, are they just using the best single-season lineups of all-time?

From the gameplay perspective nothing is new (SWOS gameplay is perfect,  there is no need to change anything), its the original game released in 1997  (for Amiga system it was released in 1996). But the both PC and Amiga versions are put together and made installable and playable under the emulator without users knowing it,  everybody not experienced enough with Amiga or DOS/old Windows system can play the game on the modern machines. Just install and play. Plus its got slightly changed graphics and sounds and you can choose in the menu which ones (crowd chanting, banners behind the goals, pitches and many more, but the Amiga version does not have so many changes like PC version has) you prefer. And rosters are updated of course. Like it was in 2016/7 version. It also hase some fps changes.

Its the same original game, polished in many ways and made it playable on modern machines. Some people report bugs, crashes with these total packs but usually its not something serious. 

Rosters used in the video are from the original 96/97 game, they are now updated and are from 2019 season in the final version.

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