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Official Genesis controller(New) 6 button

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I picked this bad boy up, and it's definitely legit.  The cable length is 10 feet, all the action is smooth and solid.  I also picked up one of the USB offerings, and it too works great.

This is available via Amazon, and I recommend it to anyone who attends local tournaments.  If you play Genesis games online or via emulator, I recommend the usb variant.


This is not an affiliate link or a sponsored promotion.  I just figured if everyone in the community had one, they wouldn't have to worry about what controller they end up with when they attend tournaments, as there are a ton of different options out there.


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Bought a bunch. They're great controllers.

The Retrobit, licensed Saturn ones are awesome, too. I have to figure out how to get them going on a Genesis.

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i got the usb version today for my PS classic with autobleem/retroarch. Solid controller I need to remap/configure it for sega gameplay, the c and a buttons are reversed, still was able to get a 1 timer in almost imediately so much better than playing with the ps 1 controllers.

The Sega Genesis mini is on sale for 59 bucks,  they are doing a bunch of interesting hacks on that system as well, I may grab it and have it as my dedicated hockey  94 game system.  That system comes with 2 , 3 button controllers, almost pays for itself.

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