NHL 20 by Naples39

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Will do (it may take a few days - busy week!).  I've seen it happen in 3 or 4 different games, so definitely a pattern.  I'll record the next one I see happen.

I think I just found you guys by searching on google for nhl94 mods.  I think I first downloaded a Winter classic version back when it was in STL (Blues fan).  Circled back again as I was modding this Genesis mini and wanting the Stanley Cup crew on the console.  Love to see the game continue!

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Sorry for the delay on this.  It's been a busy few weeks.  I played this evening and scored 3 goals on this weird goalie move.  I recorded the instant replays of the first 2 to give the idea of what I'm seeing.  The first isn't as clear until you note that I never actually get the puck back, the goalie just waggles away until it goes in for a goal.  The second one is a bit clearer and the kind of thing I'm seeing.

In terms of settings, I'm playing with goalie on auto and penalties on except off sides.  Don't know if that would matter, since this is the CPU goalie that's giving up the goals.

I'm just curious if others are encountering this.  I'm playing this on my Genesis mini and have tried some games of regular 94 and the CD version of 94 on it and am not seeing it.



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naples39, Thank you so much for the updated rosters.  This is literally my first post, as I just joined  an hour ago and got NHL 94 working.   Played this game back in the day and loved it.  Will probably hit you up at some point about doing my men's league team too, as another user did.  Especially now with corona upsetting all of our lives, it's a perfect time to finally get started playing this retro game with current rosters.   Thanks again!

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On 5/21/2020 at 8:19 PM, Stefan said:

Hey, did you make it so the file can't be opened in Nose?

Wondering if I could use some of the data for an SNES update.

No, it should work in NOSE. I do all the editing in NOSE version 1.2b from here:


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