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Fall '19 SNES Classic Playoffs


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Since turnout was less than I expected (we had one coach replaced by another, who decided not to play any games), I did not do Negative Points. Although even if I did, the outcome of who made the playoffs would not change, since they were the ones who played the most games anyway (except Triple A).

I apologize for not being more proactive this season and pushing guys to play (and replacing). I just got really burned out with all the netplay and port forwarding stuff before the season started.


@BlackDevil19 wins Eastern Conference. He was tied with angryjay93 in points, but I gave him the upper hand since he was the only coach to finish his season.

@McMarkis wins Western Conference. He gets the 2nd seed, where I gave BlackDevil19 the first seed (again, because he finished season). And, to be fair, if I did apply Negative Points, BlackDevil would have had 1st seed regardless.


The rest of the seeds were sorted by Win Pct. (As stated in the Classic Start post):

1 - BlackDevil19 vs. 8 - therexershow

2 - McMarkis vs. 7 - @JotaC007

3 - @annatar vs. 6 - skankhunt42

4 - @Bob Kudelski vs. 5 - @angryjay93


I hope to see these series done by next Tuesday, January 7th.

Thanks to everyone for playing this season!!!



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1 hour ago, angryjay93 said:

Bud, I think you have the Patrick division flipped around. Wouldn't I be #3, annatar #4 and Bob #5?

Seeding is based on Win PCT

3- Annatar - .826

4 - BobK - .783

5 - AJ - .769

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