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11 hours ago, trudatman said:

thank you.  I am sorry for disappearing as we gained momentum.  you have been a tremendous help in my 'Chel hacking and general discussion experiences.  I look forward to getting back to it ASAFP.  I am a bit intimidated by the amount of work it'll take to become involved in such endeavors again, but I also look forward to affecting positive outcomes for you and the others around here who can truly benefit from my presence.  (I don't think I am as conceited as that may come across, but I guess it is plainly fair based on the lack of action in the areas I used to populate.)  I am now noticing your signature.  any thoughts on where Sega CD version and NHL '92 would fit in your chart?  thanks for still being around!

Its hard to tell, my opinion about 94 versions and which is the best and which is the worst is not permanent :-D Sometimes I prefere SNES version the most, sometimes PC version, sometimes MD version (I do not play the original one with weight bug). CD version is fine, more polished but its easier and faster to run the rom version under emulator so I prefer this one. If I had the real console, I would go for the CD version I think.

92 is fine, it must be fun playing it against other human players, its very arcade kind of hockey and it has its charm. I've played it always with empty net in single mode and  matches have been pretty even. I rate it as a better game than the original 94 with weight bug (it really me off) and worse than other 94 versions. 

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thank you for that.  yeah... the weight miscalculation thing is pretty brutal.  I have no sense of flow with the fixed versions of the Genesis NHL '94 game, though, so the real downfall of that game for me is the frustrating button response delays and the general frustration between what I want the player to do and what I see happen on the screen later.  I find it to be by far the least fun and most frustrating version of the game.  not as bad as SNES NHL '93, though!

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