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Just a few notes before I display my lines.

- 12 different forwards and 8 defense must be used.

- For season 0 there are no in game subs. You may switch up the positions each player plays but the actual players must remain the same. 

- If an injury occurs, a sub from a lower line or your reserves must be iced. If a 4th line defender is hurt, a player from Line 3 must enter unless you have 9 defenders (Montreal).

- No subs required for penalties, you get who you get. 

- Lines are locked for the season. It's a short season with testing be a huge component of this. I want as much control for this experiment as possible and to get through it rather quickly so we can have a more expansive Season 1. 

- As of now, no backup goalie play is required.

Boston Bruins:

Line 1: Juneau-Neely-Oates-Wesley-Bourque

Line 2: Kvartalnov-Ruzicka-Poulin-Sweeney-Murphy

Line 3: Pantaleyev-Douris-Donato-Featherston-Shaw

Line 4: Leach-Heinze-Reid-Roberts-Wiemer









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Les Habitants 


line 1 

damphousse-muller-savard   Odelein-Daigneault

line 2

dionne-lebeau-bellows  desjardins-Schneider 

line 3

carbonneau-leeman-ronan brisebois-ramage 

line 4











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Line 1: Gartner - Messier - Grave - Beukeboom - Leetch - Richter

Line 2: Amonte - Olczyk - Tikkanen - Zubov - Lowe - Richter

Line 3: Kovalev - Nemchinov - Turcotte - Patrick - Andersson - Vanbiesbrouk

Line 4: Erixon - Bourque - Kocur - Cirella - Wells - Vanbiesbrouk


I tried to stick with my actual 94 lines where Leetch/Beuk were paired along with Zubov and Lowe.  That's why Patrick is on line 3.  Similarly, I have Richter starting over Beezer....they're basically the same.

Let me know if this is cool.  

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DETROIT (corbettkb)

 F - (22) Dino Ciccarelli
 C - (19) Steve Yzerman
 F - (21) Paul Ysebaert
 D - (33) Yves Racine
 D - ( 5) Nick Lidstrom

 F - (28) Dallas Drake
 C - (91) Sergei Fedorov
 F - (26) Ray Sheppard
 D - (16) Vlad Konstantinov
 D - (77) Paul Coffey

 F - (13) Vachslav Kozlov
 F - (25) John Ogrodnick
 F - (24) Bob Probert
 D - ( 4) Mark Howe
 D - ( 3) Steve Chiasson

 F - (15) Sheldon Kennedy
 C - (55) Keith Primeau
 F - (23) Mike Sillinger
 D - ( 8) Steve Konroyd
 D - ( 2) Brad McCrimmon

 F - (17) Gerard Gallant
 F - (11) Shawn Burr
 F - (14) Jim Hiller   

 G - (32) Tim Cheveldae   
 G - (37) Vincent Riendeau

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Couple changes:

1) Larmer-Roenick-Gilbert, Chelios-Russell
2) Sutter-Ruutuu-Christian, Marchment-Smith
3) Noonan-Lemieux-Murphy, Brown, Bennett
4) Brown-Goulet-Murray, Kucera, Muni

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