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Will Ovechkin catch Gretzky?


Will Ovechkin catch Gretzky?  

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  1. 1. Will Ovechkin catch Gretzky?

    • He will surpass The Great One (894) with 900+ goals
    • He will surpass The Great One (894) with less than 900 goals
    • He will tie The Great One (894)
    • He will tie or surpass Gordie Howe (801)
    • He will tie or surpass Jaromir Jagr (766)
    • He will tie or surpass Brett Hull (741)
    • He will tie or surpass Marcel Dionne (731)
    • He will tie or surpass Phil Esposito (717)
    • He will tie or surpass Mike Gartner (708)
    • He will score at least 700 goals

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smoz voted for 900+ goals :-) I believe in reaching this milestone too, but the most probable option is 800+ so I voted for that.

I think it will depend on Ovechkin's health. When he gets injured seriously, the dream will be over. I remember couple of years ago, ~2013 when people including some doctor expertes predicted Nadal just one or two more seasons due to his brutal playing style and knee problems. Its 2020 and hes still one of the best in his 33. Federer is 38 and hes currently number 3 in the world. 

Being healthy or not, that will be the answer I guess.

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Brett Hull:

34yrs 32G
35yrs 24G
36yrs 39G
37yrs 30G
38yrs 37G
39yrs 25G

Ovechkin is in his 33yrs season and has 692 goals and will likely get 20 more (54 on the season) = 712

712+187 = 899

If Ovechkin can be Brett Hull for the next 6 years he can pass Gretzky.

And if he passes Gretzky I think the team will make sure he gets 900 before the end of the season (by my observation that Ovi usually scores 50+ and rarely just 45+)

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Voted yes to pass Gretzky.

He’s stayed healthy pretty much his entire career, and with the way the league is now, I believe he can do it.

Comes down to if he really wants to do it or play a few seasons in the KHL.

Edit: even if he loses his mobility, and he surely will lose some of it, as long as they can feed him on the PP in the tripod. Maybe the best ever at that.


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The Great 8 would have to avg 40 for the next 6 years (He'd be 40). Gordie is the only person to score 40 at age 40 or more (68-69). Bucyk was close in 75-76 with 36 and Selanne had 31 in the 2010-2011 season. So it's possible. Ovi will surely need to rely on the TB12 method to surpass THE GREAT ONE.

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bet on the wildcard like Bill Gates canceling sports.

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