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If you disagree, then you need to check your butter packets.

It's got a lot of great plays like: HB Sweep, and Run & Shoot.

Also, the amberlamps runs over players if they're injured:

Here's a game between me and the Duke of Earl '94, Dan and I from days of yore. 

I love me some Tecmo, but I wish Madden was more celebrated in retro sports communities. 

They're so much fun to play competitively.

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reads headline...

Image result for faints gif


I do enjoy genesis Madden, enjoy Mutant League Football even more.  Even bought some cheap madden genesis to see if we could get  a tourney going.  No takers yet.  

Even though the old maddens did not have player names, I liked those more than the late Maddens like 97.  Just need to have short quarters though as I remember the games can take a while if I remember correctly


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