Speed of the Game NHL 94 Sega Genesis 16 bit.

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I was looking at this website and I wanted to ask you if there is anyway to have the speed of the game edited? I like the stock fastest speed with the precise passing involved and I don't like it when the stock game slows down the and it just drags out and the players are skating real slow and  aren't going after the puck etc.., but when you have a fast game with someone or against the computer and it's fast throughout the whole game, it's great. You can have some really great games. There are a lot of different things I'd like to edit but the first is the speed? Or are there any Roms already created that change this option please?





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I thought PAL would slow it down?

Maybe finding a PAL version of the game and running it at NTSC would make the game faster?

What if you just edit all the players to give them 99 speed, 99 passing, etc? You can use the NOSE editor to do that.


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Looks like it was PAL.

On 11/17/2006 at 4:40 PM, HABS said:

well this should be f**kin fun....

30 fps instead of 24...

this is now a PAL rom

download here

it has been tested for a total of 30 seconds...but seems fine.

The games we played were really fun.

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Thank you Clockwise I will look into it. I like the default full speed that you get with the precise passes but god it's a struggle to play when it slows down and feels like you''re skating through mud. Or other times the game starts out slow and is like that through the whole game.


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There was the Capitalism League that had a ROM with all the players at 99 speed etc. The ROM must be on the forum somewhere.

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