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Framemeister for sale

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Hi Guys,

I'm going to be selling my Framemeister (aka xrgb-mini), and I'd figure I'd give the community a shot at it first. PM me here or on Discord if you are interested. Feel free to ask any questions here or privately.

$330 including shipping and PayPal fees (these are going on eBay for ~$400+)

If you don't know what a Framemeister is, or if you need one, it is an upscaler device used to take video input from retro consoles (RGB, Component, or A/V Composite), and upscale it to HD (720p or 1080i/p output) so you can play on your HDTV via HDMI cable. It works great (can even add scanlines to give you that retro CRT feel), and is very customizable. I have found that the settings I use work with all my consoles just fine, but you can make (or download someone else's) settings and have them specific per console.

RGB is the best possible output from a console, since there is no processing done internally to the signals.

Signal Quality: RGB ----> Component ---> S-Video ------------> Composite (A/V) --------------------------> RF


Read more about it here: Framemeister Guide

Genesis can do RGB out of the box. You just need to buy a cable (~$30-40).

SNES is tricky. Old boxy ones can do it out of the box, though the SNES Jr. (2nd model of SNES) can be modded for RGB and produces a better image than the original. Need a cable as well ($30-40).



- 5V Power Supply

- D-Terminal adapter (used for component input)

- DIN RGB-to-JP21 adapter (IMPORTANT: not a SCART adapter. When buying cables for your systems, look for JP21 pinout - JP21 and SCART use same connector. If you need help in where to buy cables let me know). 

- Remote (in Japanese). I barely used the remote, you can control everything using the buttons on the unit (menu is in English).



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It's funny, I'm doing the exact opposite, going HDMI  from Analogue FPGA consoles down to analog signals.


The my life in gaming channel can't get enough of this thing.  Good luck in your sale.  I hope someone adds it to their setup.

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I'd probably buy it but I already spent my tax return that hasn't arrived yet on CRTs.

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